Brokerage House IDMSA valued the shares of BSC Drukarnia Opakowań at 19.7 – 21.1 PLN for a share


IDMSA Brokerage House, offering shares of BSC Drukarnia Opakowan S.A. in the public offer, published the analytical report concerning the company. The broker’s analysts valued BSC securities at 19.7PLN  for a share in the valuation by comparative method to 21.1 PLN for a share in the valuation by DCF method.  The valuation does not include the planned acquisition of the packaging agent.

IDMSA BH analysts indicate that the business model of the company is relatively safe and gives chances for stable growth of income and operating margin in the coming years and the market where the company operates has good prospects of development. They also point out the clear strategy and clearly specified business goals of BSC Group, thanks to which sales and profitability forecasts are reliable.