Financial highlights

BSC Drukarnia Opakowań has been dynamically growing the scale of its operations for many years now; this is reflected in its financial performance.

In 2016, its sales revenues reached PLN 230.6 million, up by 9% from 2015 and as much as 36% from 2014. EBITDA in 2016 increased by PLN 1.8 million compared to 2015, to PLN 46.6 million.

The 4% increase in EBITDA was driven by sales growth, while profit before tax and net profit fell in 2016 by 12% and 14%, respectively, mainly due to the high base effect, as the 2015 result was heavily affected by the acquisition of control over POSBAU S.A. The extra profit recorded in 2015, so-called gain on bargain purchase, amounted to PLN 5 million.