Corporate Governance

The rule for changing the entity authorized to audit the Company’s financial statements

“The Company does not have a specific rule for changing the entity authorized to audit its financial statements. The Audit Committee recommended that the Company’s Supervisory Board changed the entity authorized to audit and review the financial statements of the Company and the Group at least once every five years.”

Diversity Policy

The Company has not developed and does not have in place a diversity policy for the Company’s managers and key officers. This is so because the Management Board has a stable and long-term composition and consists of experienced managers where powers are allocated to individual Management Board members pursuant to its Bylaws. The Company also has stable key management personnel. However, where possible and justified, the Company applies diversity principles even though they are not formally adopted in a policy; an example of such an approach includes the Supervisory Board, which consists of people with diverse competence.

Articles of Association

Application of Good Practices of Companies Listed on WSE in BSC Drukarnia Opakowań S.A.

Quality and environmental management policy