Current Report no. 25/2018

25/2018   |   11-12-2018 18:33

Supervisory Board’s approval of the Company’s investment plan for the year 2019.

The Board of BSC DRUKARNIA OPAKOWAŃ S.A. based in Poznań (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”, “the Issuer”) hereby informs that during today’s Supervisory Board meeting of the Company, having discussed it with the Board, the Supervisory Board accepted the Company’s investment plan for the year 2019 and gave the Company’s Board their assent to approving the investment plan of the subsidiary BSC Pharmacenter sp. z o.o. (hereinafter referred to as “the Plans”). The plans provide investment expenses at the total amount of approximately PLN 44.8 million. The detailed expenses for the year 2019 are demonstrated in the attached table.

At the same time the Board of the Company clarifies that the notion “infrastructure of the new plant” in the attached table shall be understood as the expenses allocated by the Company for the purpose of the construction of the production plant together with equipment (e.g. warehouse racks, IT infrastructure or software) and the infrastructure of that plant (roads, elevations, planting trees, etc.). The Issuer informed about the realization of that undertaking in their current reports: no 34/2015 dated 10 December 2015, no 10/2016 dated 03 June 2016, no 6/2017 dated 15 February 2017, no 27/2017 dated 2 November 2017 and no 12/2018 dated 22 May 2018.

Moreover, the Board of the Company informs that the expenses connected with the above mentioned construction shall increase by approximately PLN 5 million compared to the last investment plan, the acceptance of which the Issuer has informed about. The increase in the expenses was caused by:

  • change of the project resulting in the increase in the footprint area by approximately 3.3%;
  • change of the project resulting in construction of a new warehouse for finished goods, as opposed to the original project of adapting the old warehouse construction for the purpose of building a new warehouse;
  • increase in the prices of materials and labour costs.
Current Report no. 25/2018
Investment expenses planned for the year 2019